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Abdoel Moeis Hassan Pejuang Republiken dan Pelopor Pembaharuan di Kalimantan Timur Sebuah Biografi

Abdoel Moeis Hassan is a frontliner of young movement, Republican battler, and pioneer of East Kalimantan awakening during 1940-1966. He is contributing in part out East Kalimantan from the Federal State of Republican Union of States of Indonesia and a pioneer of the integration of the East Kalimantan Residency into the Republic of Indonesia. This research relates to his role as a leading figure to defend the Republic of Indonesia in East Kalimantan. In this biography, research begins in Abdoel Moeis Hassan childhood to juveniles which is filled with the spirit of nationalism by the family environment and the surrounding community. 

Moeis Hassan was born in Samarinda, East Kalimantan on June 2nd 1924 and died in Jakarta on 21st November 2005. He was the founder of Indoensian Youth Association/ Roekoen Pemoeda Indonesia (1940), Center for Civil Teaching and Education/Balai Pengajaran dan Pendidikan Rakyat (1942), and Indonesian National Association of Branch Samarinda/ Ikatan Nasional Indonesia Cabang Samarinda (1947). He was elected as Chairman of the National Front (1947) as a coalition of organizations that supported the Indonesian struggle and opposed the federation as the puppet state formed by Van Mook. 

In 1954 he initiated the East Kalimantan People's Congress/ Kongres Rakyat Kalimantan Timur to demand the creation of the Province of East Kalimantan, which was successful with the inauguration of the Province of East Kalimantan in early 1957. During the National Revolution, President Sukarno appointed Moeis Hassan as Governor of East Kalimantan in 1962. In 1964 he prevented radical attempts to burn Kutai Palace in Tenggarong. 

Research on the biography of Abdoel Moeis Hassan was compiled with an analysis that uses a diachronic historical approach. The description of this study applies a social and political approach to understanding its life. 

Key words: Abdoel Moeis Hassan, Partisan Biograhpy, East Kalimantan History

Tulisan ini adalah "Abstract" dari karya tulis ilmiah berjudul Abdoel Moeis Hassan Pejuang Republiken dan Pelopor Pembaharuan di Kalimantan Timur Sebuah Biografi, sebagai kelengkapan syarat administrasi pengusulan calon Pahlawan Nasional.

Penulis: Nabila Nandini

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